Demonstration of Approaches Developed by the FoodIntegrity for Assuring the Integrity of the Food Chain


Date: November 14, 19:00 – 17:00; November 15, 9:00 – 13:00

FoodIntegrity knowledge base: an information resource on food authenticity, description of the database and demonstration of its functionality

  • To bring together available information on suitable analytical tools and associated reference data for the detection of food fraud in a Knowledge Base, to facilitate access to this information for industry, regulatory authorities and research organisations.

Industrial perspective of relevant food chains vulnerabilities vs Current analytical methods and technologies that can be applied

  • App & Infographics using mobile devices to bring together available data on industrially exploited analytical tools for detection of food fraud, and identify reliable indicators/markers.

Chinese consumer attitudes to food fraud, short description of the survey and its outcomes

  • Video on examination of Chinese consumers´ attitudes and perceptions towards the safety and integrity of imported European foods.

Improving supply chain integrity through data sharing

  • Video on integrity management solution Check X helping to prevent fraud in food supply chains with food fraud vulnerability.

Providing assurance in the spirit drinks sector

  • “Hands on“ demonstration of authentication of spirit drinks


  • Scientific opinions on issues that concern food fraud
  • FoodIntegrity Handbook: a guide to food authenticity issues and analytical solutions
  • Do you wish to receive information about the FoodIntegrity results? Join us at the Demo Corner and learn more!


Isotope Fingerprints Interactive Room

Date: open the whole conference
Place: room M / level 4
ThermoFisher Scientific

Follow the Isotope Hunter on their journey to understand food and beverage samples stories and confirm their identities by investigating their isotope fingerprints.

Are you ready to become an Isotope Hunter? Visit this interactive experience.


The Role of Modern Analytical Approaches in Fighting with Food Fraud

R̩sultat de recherche d'images pour "university of chemistry and technology prague" Date: November 13, 10:00 Р13:00
Presenter: Monika Tomaniova
University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

The workshop is intended to scientists and representatives of industry who are interested in modern analytical approaches used in fighting with food fraud that have been advanced by the FoodIntegrity partners and successfully implemented into practice.

It aims to deepen knowledge in applications of modern analytical techniques, employing profiling, fingerprinting, metabolomics strategies, and data mining by chemometrics, for food authentication.

Participation in the workshop is free for all delegates of the FoodIntegrity 2018 conference.

To save your seat, please send your preliminary interest at

You can check the planning for this workshop on the document attached.

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