Neil Buck
Neil Buck
General Mills Inc.
Corporate Toxicologist

Co-chair of Session 14 – Will Blockchain really solve our food fraud problems?

Neil is Corporate Toxicologist for the global food company General Mills Inc, whose products include breakfast cereals, canned foods, snacks, pastry products, yoghurt and ice cream as well as pet food. At General Mills he spends most of his time on innovation of products and production processes and in managing technical regulatory affairs. He also has a specific interest in helping with the emergence of new approaches which better protect or inform the consumer, including on the subject of food authenticity. Following a PhD in food additive safety assessment, Neil has spent more than 15 years as both a toxicologist and regulatory professional in industry, mostly working on ingredient and finished product innovation. Amongst the collaboration groups that Neil is a member, he participates in the technical committees of Food Drink Europe, the US Grocery Manufacturers Association, and both ILSI EU and North America.

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