Eric Marin
Eric Marin
European Comission
Deputy Head Of Unit G5. Alerts, Traceability and Committees

Co-chair of Session 2 – « Hot » topics

Eric Marin is a doctor in veterinary medicine and graduated with an Executive MBA (HEC). He is currently working for the Food Safety Directorate in the European Commission as deputy Head of Unit in the Alerts, Traceability and Committees unit. He is coordinating the EU Food Fraud Network which allows swift and efficient cooperation in cases of cross border suspicion of Food Fraud. His activities within the Commission were broadened, from issues of impact assessments, animal health, aid to developing countries (EuropeAid office- DG AIDCO), fight against fraud (OLAF) to audit of the implementation of food safety legislation (Food and Veterinary Office).

Before joining the European Commission in 1998, Mr. Marin was working for the French Ministry of Agriculture since 1991. He held positions in Madrid at the French embassy and in Brussels as a national expert on food safety issues in dairy products. He also worked as an expert for the OIE (World Organisation for Animal Health).

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