The FoodIntegrity Conference is honoured to announce that it has been selected to take part in the Excellence Prize organised by the Open Agrifood 2018. This prize rewards the economic actors in the food sector who have taken actions to be more efficient while respecting mankind and the environment. You can find the FoodIntegrity application (in French) here.

Three Excellence applicants  per category will be selected by the Jury. They will be invited to pitch during the Forum Open Agrifood in Orléans, France. Delegates will then vote for the winners of the gold, silver and bronze prizes.

The 5th edition of Forum Open Agrifood will aim to showcase all the initiatives and projects that use the assets listed below to increase performance. « To build on the positive in order to move forward », this is the proposal of the new edition. The assets presented at this conference include:

  • Exceptional natural assets: climate, soil, and water availability.
  • Unique agricultural know-how: 450 000 farmers with a highly developed agricultural knowledge.
  • Dynamic, innovative, and internationally performing industry.
  • Successful large-scale retailers, with a global presence…
  • …and new ways of marketing for fresher, more local,.. more meaningful food.
  • Input suppliers increasingly concerned about the environment.
  • Products of high nutritional quality, healthy but also tasty.

For more information, visit the Forum website here.


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